Empowered Inner Child for Abundance

If it feels as though you deserve more, but there is a 'handbrake' on your ability to create more in your life, it is time to begin from the inside out.

Abundance begins within us. Money stories block us. The more self-love and worthiness we feel, the more abundant we become. Let's be honest...we can't love ourselves too much!

You CAN go back and 'know then' what you know now. That you are an amazing, lovable and worthy soul. That money is energy and you can create as much abundance in your life as you desire. 

Other people in life may have said or done things to cause you to doubt yourself and what it means to be successful, but this is your opportunity to change all of that.

Or simply heap a little extra love and confidence on yourself.

I was inspired to bring this to you after an amazing group workshop I offered. Here are some of the comments of those who experienced this hypnosis:

“Peaceful and Beautiful.”

“Thank you so much, it was just amazing. I had tears streaming down my face and then I was just so happy!”

“This was and is a big time wow. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see how I move forward. I feel such great anticipation.”

“Thank you so much for this gift. My heart feels so whole and at peace.”

“I never had such an experience. This is very powerful and I want to work on it more.”

Brittany L. had a powerful experience...“Penny, thank you again for today from the bottom of my heart. After the session I wept so hard. Like I could finally release 30 years of sadness I didn’t even know was still inside of me. If felt so good to feel it and release it. I’ve always had this voice saying to me “you were made for such amazing things.” Is it possible this was present me today, in this session? Thank you. “

If you think you can't benefit from this audio, that is EXACTLY why you need it!

Purchase now and get immediate log in details and access! 

Knowing that reciprocity is at work in our ability to receive, the net revenue of this audio is donated quarterly to THORN.

THORN is an organization that works tirelessly to disrupt sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors on the dark web. You can read more about THORN at https://thorn.org or watch Ashton Kutcher's testimony before congress HERE

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